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15th November, 2017

United in Treachery

As part of the "Withdrawal Bill" debates in Parliament last night MP's voted to repeal the European Communities Act (1972) which took us into the EEC(EU) in 1972.

An act of treachery by the Heath Government - which gave "Henry VIII" powers, under (Section 2 (1) and Section 2 (2)) to the EEC(EU), thus allowing the Brussels (Berlin) to enact any laws into UK Domestic Law, which would be binding on every UK citizen, and which the UK Parliament was powerless to amend or repeal - even if every UK MP voted against such laws.

This repeal vote in itself is worthy of congratulations to those in our Parliament those who voted to repeal such a Bill as the ECA (1972), and confers shame on those who have sided with such an organisation as the EU - against the best interests of the people of Britain - their actions during the "Withdrawal Bill" debates, and their attempt to thwart the result of the EU Referendum in its tracks, will live in infamy.

The results were as follows: source (

"During the first day of Committee Stage of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, MPs voted by an overwhelming majority in favour of passing Clause 1 of the Bill, which states, quite simply:

“The European Communities Act 1972 is repealed on exit day.”

Repealing the Act of Parliament that took us into the then EEC in the first place is pretty fundamental to the delivery of Brexit, so BrexitCentral readers will, I imagine, be interested to know how MPs voted in this division.

  • 318 MPs voted for the Clause (320 if you include the two tellers), including 305 Conservatives, 3 Labour MPs (Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Graham Stringer), all 10 DUP MPs and 2 currently Independent MPs.

  • Meanwhile, 68 MPs voted against the Clause (70 including two tellers), including 19 Labour MPs, 10 Lib Dem MPs and all 35 SNP MPs, along with MPs from Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and an Independent.

The vast majority of Labour MPs followed their party whip to abstain.

Below is the full list of the MPs who voted against the Clause, making them arguably the most anti-Brexit MPs in the Commons.


Green- Caroline Lucas

Independent -Sylvia Hermon

Labour- Rushanara Ali, Ben Bradshaw, Ruth Cadbury, Ann Clwyd
, Ann Coffey, Neil Coyle, Mary Creagh, Geraint Davies, Louise Ellman, Mike Gapes, Helen Hayes, Rupa Huq, Darren Jones, David Lammy, Christopher Leslie, Pat McFadden, Catherine McKinnell, Albert Owen,Tulip Siddiq

Liberal Democrat- Tom Brake (Teller), Vince Cable, Alistair Carmichael, Ed Davey, Tim Farron, Wera Hobhouse, Christine Jardine,Layla Moran, Jamie Stone, Jo Swinson

Plaid Cymru - Jonathan Edwards, Ben Lake, Liz Saville Roberts, Hywel Williams

SNP- Hannah Bardell, Mhairi Black, Ian Blackford, Kirsty Blackman, Deidre Brock, Alan Brown
, Lisa Cameron, Doug Chapman, Joanna Cherry, Ronnie Cowan, Angela Crawley, Martyn Day, Martin Docherty-Hughes, Marion Fellows, Stephen Gethins, Patricia Gibson, Patrick Grady (Teller), Peter Grant, Neil Gray, Drew Hendry, Stewart Hosie, Chris Law, David Linden, Angus MacNeil, Stewart McDonald, Stuart McDonald, John McNally, Carol Monaghan. Gavin Newlands, Brendan O’Hara,Tommy Sheppard, Chris Stephens, Alison Thewliss, Philippa Whitford, Pete Wishart "

The Remain Politicians' Deception
When Ted Heath was asked why he signed Britain into the EU in 1972, he reputedly stated that "The British are too stupid to rule themselves - So there" - It seems that 48% of those who voted in the EU Referendum are in agreement; have adopted the same mantra and appear to be happy to be controlled and manipulated by those they cannot remove.

The MP's who want the UK to stay trapped in the EU have advocated their responsibility to rule in the best interests of their constituents to a foreign power, in the full knowledge that they cannot protect their constituents from the desires and designs of that foreign power.

So they are in fact indulging themselves in the privileges, perks, status and personal expenses associated with political power in Britain - and accepting salaries paid from hard earned taxes of the UK population - whilst simultaneously acting against the interests of their own countrymen and women.

By contrast the Leave voters only want to be ruled by elected Representatives who value Britain over any other power - and can be removed without being replaced by another group of EU quislings.