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12th October 2018

USSR and EU Comparison - Continued



The USSR and the EU had very different beginnings: the USSR was born out of the fires of the 1917 Russian (October) Revolution during WWI, and the EU - out of the devastation of WWII.

The USSR formed the world's first constitutional Socialist country run by a Revolutionary cabal intent upon: the destruction of Capitalism and the establishment of a "Dictatorship of the Proletariat "; the dismantling of the Russian Empire and the redistribution of its wealth to the common people, following the philosophy of Marx and Engels; but it never lost its zeal for Central control and never gave away full Democracy to those people it purported to represent; rather it constrained power to within small elite groups (Politburo) and they benefited the most whilst the people suffered from their various ambitions and incompetence.

The first Soviet Constitution (1918) encapsulates the stirred-up hatred felt by the Russian people as exploited by the Bolsheviks for their own political ends, and also provides a worrying prospect for those who see Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party as a threat to UK Democracy and Civil Society. A Marxist cabal is now in control of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) using the same propaganda techniques and excuses to gain power that the Bolsheviks used to stir up discontent - even though the circumstances and life experiences today bear no resemblance to those in 1917 Russia.

Ironically the economic conditions in the UK today are the direct result of (a) Fiscal incompetence of the previous "New" Labour government  (1997 - 2010) (b) EU imposed Austerity throughout its Member States in order to bring about "Ever Closer Union"; through EU currency (Euro) convergence criteria and centrally controlled deficit and debt controls - exacerbated by mass migration from the newer and poorer EU accession states.

The English have already had their Revolution and Civil Wars - after which King Charles I was executed (1649) - and prior to that we were given English Common Law rights in Magna Carta (1215); which includes Trial-by-Jury and Habeas Corpus. We have had our "Reformations and Emancipation" before either the American Revolution (1765 - 1783) or the French Revolution  (1789 - 1799) in western Europe  or the Russian Revolution (1917 - 1921) 

By staying in the EU we lose our Common Law rights and are placed under the EU's Dystopian Police State - Corpus Juris - ("1984" +++) by virtue of the fact that the EU's Constitution claims primacy over our Constitution and our Laws - courtesy of The Lisbon Treaty (2007) and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling - that the Lisbon Treaty (2007) is now the de facto Constitution of the EU.

We are now under the EU Police State - with its Europol system of control and monitoring - Europol is above the Law and its operatives have Diplomatic immunity - their offices and files cannot be searched and none of them can be prosecuted - sound familiar?  But it does not end there under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) system any UK citizen can be arrested, without evidence and shipped off to an EU prison, under third world conditions, jailed and held without trial for months  (see EU Myths _Page 2)

For the Marxists, anyone who owns anything more than the basics needed for life is well-off - unless, of course, they are part of the paranoid "Politburo" elite; their offspring, friends or their apparatchiks and some other members of the Communist Party. ("Animal Farm" writ large)

  • The Soviet Union shows that Socialism (Communism) is only about changing one system of oppression (Serfdom) for another one - which is even worse - a Totalitarian Police State.

The USSR was built upon the Czarist Russian Empire (1721 - 1917) which occupied  approximately 14 million square milesacross the eastern portion of Europe and the continent of Asia. Ruled by an autocratic government, with its capital at St. Petersburg, its 170 million people were of over 100 different ethnic backgrounds, comprised primarily of Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

Unrest among the peasant population and internal dissension led to the forced abdication of Emperor Nicholas II during WWI on March 15, 1917; attempts to form a liberal government were not able to prevent the Bolshevik Revolution, led by Lenin and to the formation of the Soviet Empire - who had used the discontent to foment violence.

The pre-existing Russian Empire with common Russian Language and an uneducated peasant class must have provided fertile ground for the Bolsheviks to consolidate power over wider areas of Russia, particularly with the widespread hatred of the ruling class. The Red Army success in the Civil War and Red Terror were enough to ensure that the "War Communism" could be replaced with fewer restrictions for the Russian (now Soviet) people.

The USSR survived numerous periods of greatness and despair at the hands of individual Dictators and the "Politburo": through its secret police and spies; who criminalised any and all dissent against the ruling elite throughout its 74 years history, as is variously documented. The position of the USSR in 1988 was described by Margaret Thatcher in her "Bruges Speech" as she stated her case for a Union of Sovereign States in the EEC, and away from European Political Union (EU) as an alternative to centrally planned economy.


The EU by contrast did not have the same circumstances that brought about the USSR - so the approach to building its Empirewas necessarily very different, in fact it began with an Economic Area - the EEC under the pretense that it was a simple economic relationship between Sovereign States, but as a requirement for joining each state had to sign up to the Treaty of Rome (1957)

In the case of the UK this was done through the European Communities Act (1972); later ratified in a Referendum in 1975 during which the UK population was assured by the Wilson government that the EEC arrangement was purely economic and did not involve any loss of sovereignty - however, the Heath government had given the EEC power (Henry VIII) over UK law through Sections (1) and (2) of the ECA (1972) - as such any law which conflicted with EEC law would not be allowed and any law could be passed from EEC law into UK domestic law without the UK Parliament being able to prevent it.

The Treaty of Rome (1957) was the de facto Constitution for the EEC(EU) project which contains the blueprint for the Single Market (Four Freedoms and ECJ) and Customs Union and was updated by later treaties ending with the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - the upgrading of that Treaty to the status of a Constitutional Treaty by the ECJ relieves the EU of attempting to bring forward a new and separate Constitution, through a Referendum - another favourite method of the USSR.  We note the similarities between the expansion of the USSR and EU through new extended Treaties (Constitutions)

However, the Spinelli group does have a new Constitution, ready an waiting, ironically named "The Fundamental Law of the European Union" just like the USSR and this would provide for complete integration of the Member States.

For more about the development of the EEC(EU) see Short Summary of the EU


Apart from the fact that the EU has not yet officially claimed to be establishing a new Empire in Western Europe based upon Marxist principles; not yet actually taken over any Member State using military force - (having not had a sufficient military forces to-date) - but it has taken control of Greece and is attempting to take control of Italy through economic means; and threatening Hungary through the ECJ and economically - regarding latter's refusal to accept mass uncontrolled immigration onto its territory; and, so far, has not yet been caught up in a Civil War in Europe - the EU looks very much like an embryonic EUSSR using similar controlling and repressive Constitutional means.

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) is the blueprint for a Totalitarian EU Police State - a Western European Empire (USSR clone)

As Gorbachev stated:-

“The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.” ― Mikhail Gorbachev

 *UPDATE 16th October 2018

According to Dr Sheila Lawlor, in a piece for Brexit Central, the EU's control and economic system is based upon (cloned from) the French system known as "dirigisme"  - which is basically a centrally controlled economy like the USSR; by another name.

  • "Dirigisme" or "dirigism" (from French diriger, meaning 'to direct') is an economic doctrine where the state exerts a strong directive influence in a market economy, designating a capitalist economy in which the state plays a strong directive, as opposed to a merely regulatory role, over economic affairs."

Dr Lawlor continued with:

  • "Despised by the EU as a ‘gig’ economy, the UK’s economy is – by EU (and French) standards – light on social protection, tax and regulation; big on entrepreneurship, risk and free markets; and, worst of all, successful. Such an economy must not be left unfettered to compete. The playing field must be level there can be no cherry-picking and Single Market rules and obligations must be obeyed in return for any benefits."

Clearly, the Remain camp of agitator's - those attacking Britain on behalf of the EU - are enamoured of the idea of centrally controlled economies along Soviet lines (Labour, SNP, LibDems and other Left leaning groups) - as Communist sympathisers, the EU is a home-from-home for them and that is where they should be living; not in a free country that the UK aspires to become.

Dr Lawlor is also the author of Deal, No Deal, The Battle for Britain's Democracy"which is included below:-


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