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27th September, 2016

Utter Contempt for the Will of the People

Having failed to dismiss Jeremy Corbyn through the alleged Hodge PLP orchestrated coup, and been royally seen off in the Smith leadership challenge, which offered a second EU referendum - the disreputable 172; manipulated by the Smith - Blairite - Fabian - EU Bankers' Party has now pushed for a second EU referendum to be part of Labour Party policy, and formed an alliance with the Scots and the Welsh to remove the NEC majority from the Corbyn supporters in order to decide and control the next Shadow Cabinet. No doubt the Blairs' have already decided upon the colour of the upholstery of the EU Presidential jet that they will inherit, as the prize for their treachery in trying to bring back Britain into the EU. 

These actions are a total deception against the Labour Party membership and the people of Britain in order to change the will of the the majority who voted to leave the EU dictatorship. Now the PLP and, even the over enthusiastic, Saddiq Khan plan to bring about the very Labour Party set-out by Smith in his failed leadership election bid - in the image of the deceitful Blair and New Labour - whose attempts to bring about the destruction of Britain between 1997 and 2010 only failed after they were rumbled by the British public; finally leaving a note proclaiming that "there is no money left."

No friends of Democracy and more at home in the EU Totalitarian system these Marxists have contrived a plan which avoids the break-up of the Labour Party; marginalises its legitimate leader and attempts to establish a separate "Politburo" system within the Labour party in order to control its policies and direct its activities towards the destruction of Britain - on behalf of the EU; to whom they owe their true loyalty.

The despicable 172 and and any others, including Corbyn and Kahn, if they support uncontrolled, unlimited mass migration into Britain, need to be deselected as a matter of urgency and replaced by politicians loyal to this country, not loyal to some foreign master - and any remaining anti-British politicians need to be voted out at the earliest opportunity.