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​​5th December, 2016

Vested Interests

It has been reported that some or even the largest proportion of the Blair wealth, acquired by virtue of his former position as Prime Minister of Great Britain, subsequently acting as a consultant or simply lecturing about his experiences during his tenure is now being used to establish a lobbying bloc to ensure that Britain remains trapped within the EU. In essence Blair is attempting to ensure that he protects his own (and Cherry's) interests in being the President of the EU, so that they can establish their new Dynasty within that organisation and produce a future Royal succession within the EU Totalitarian Police State; as all good Communists and their sympathisers should aspire.

Meanwhile the other usual suspects; Cable, Clarke, Clegg, Brown, Farron, Major, Mandelson and all the other EU hangers-on who see that their future lies with the "greater prize" reserved for failed or otherwise low-calibre politicians from New Labour, the Greens, Plaid Cymru, SNP etc, also seem to be making a play for their positions within the new EU hierarchy that they plan to bring into existence, once the "pesky" Brexit-eer's have been blocked by Blair's UK (EU) Supreme Court or the Blairite EU Bankers Party or other friends of the EU in the UK establishment.

What about the majority of Remainers? 

According to the the analysis of the EU Referendum voter Polling by Lord Ashcroft, the three main reasons for voting to Remain were:-

  • ​​It looked like the Risks of voting to the leave the EU were too great for the economy, jobs and prices
  • ​Access to the Single Market, while out of the EURO and no border areas, giving the "Best of Both Worlds"
  • ​A feeling that we would be "More Isolated by Leaving"

The most interesting aspect of this result is that there were no positive reasons for staying in the EU given - only fear of leaving the EU, and a belief that Britain would not be under the control of the EU if they stayed, because of the UK's "Vetoes" - but only the Remain camp believed that that would be true and that Britain would maintain its Vetoes no matter what else happened. 

So, "Project Fear" and an apparent lack of understanding about what the EU was really all about, and how it operates, led to a disproportionately small difference in the voting, this is particularly true in terms of reasons one and two, whereas, reason three seems to be just another fear factor and poor understanding of the EU even at the most fundamental level.

Reason two above is particularly relevant in the decision to stay or leave the EU since the Remain population seem to have been duped into believing that Britain, or any other member state with a Veto, would be able to hold out indefinitely against the tide of EU integration and preserve their effective independent status (which is actually preferred status by the Remain and Leave voters alike - according to Reason two above).

The independence of EU members states within the EU is the deliberately naive position promoted by the Establishment, and the SNP in particular - and apparently swallowed "hook, line and sinker" by the Remain voters.

The conclusion from these results is that the Remain voters would most likely be dependant, easily led, naive, pessimistic, insecure and needy young people - and these are the reasons why the EU has always targeted the young through education (propaganda) at all levels.

Such reasons for voting to Remain in the EU contrast hugely with the positive attitude expressed in the Leave voters' top three reasons for getting out of the EU and lead to the inevitable question - were the results manipulated to make them appear closer than in reality, and was the real difference between the Leave and Remain votes actually larger? Or did fear almost overcome hope on the 23rd of June, 2016? 

The three main reasons for dumping the EU cited by Leave voters were:-

  • The principle that decisions about the UK "Should be taken in the UK"
  • ​Leaving the EU gave to best chance for Britain to "Regain Control of Immigration and its Own Borders."
  • ​Remaining meant "Little or No Choice of How the EU Expanded its Membership or Powers."

So the results from the Leave voters top three reasons indicate a strong desire for independence and self-determination, a clear understanding of what the EU is really all about - and it is not "Rocket Science" - it can easily be established with a minimum of research, and thirdly, an ability to project that Britain would simply lose any control over its future if it stayed within the EU - an eventuality apparently lost on the Remain voters.

These results also suggest that the 52% - 48% margin is probably larger in reality.

The conclusion is that those who voted to leave are ambitious, determined, optimistic, resilient, self-reliant, not easily led nor easily fooled - and open to trading with the rest of the world - without hanging on to the apron strings of the EU or paying lip service to any other protectionist bloc - the leave voters are truly adventurous in mind and spirit.