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12th December 2017

We are being Duped...

The British public are being systematically duped in order to prevent the UK from leaving the EU.

The process of leaving the EU under Article 50 (TEU) is designed for a two year limit and that has been totally sidelined in favour of a long term withdrawal "Transition Period", under the control of the EU (ECJ) - included within which is the "agreement", allegedly by our own Civil Servants on behalf of the likes of Goldman-Sachs, who have one of the greatest vested interests in keeping the UK trapped within the EU, and worst of all they are pushing for an early signed agreement - so that they don't have to spend their "Contingency" funds waiting for a decision.

We must not sign such an early agreement any more than we should have any kind of "Transition Period".

Goldman-Sachs have a very interesting relationship with the EU: including their creative accounting to get Greece into the EU (; the fact that their former employees are ubiquitous within the EU banking system, including Mark Carney at the Bank of England, and also funding the Remain campaign during the June 2016 EU Referendum.

Most notoriously though, Goldman-Sachs' Chairman Peter Sutherland; former EU Commissioner and Irish Attorney General is also UN Special Representative for International Migration - who stated to a House of Lords Committee on Migration, in 2012 that "The EU should do its best to undermine the national homogeneity of its member states in order to make them multicultural" (BBC report by Brian Wheeler, 2012). This particular attempt to flood Europe with foreign migrants was predicated on the rather obvious nonsense that because of declining birthrates, in parts of Europe, the EU should open the borders of its member states to an unknown and unrestricted number of African migrants - he was also part of promoting mass migration into Europe more generally; along with Angela Merkel and Jean-Caude Juncker (2015 - 2016).  

"Transitional Period" - the very suggestion that the UK - which has been totally aligned with the EU over the past 44 years - should require any kind of "Transitional Period" is at best disingenuous and at worst represents a abject capitulation of British interests to a Foreign power. Our Parliament are now effectively presiding over a punishment programme designed by the EU.

The Bottom Line

We are being signed up - whatever Mrs May claims - to being in a worse situation after her negotiations with the EU than we were prior to the 2016 referendum, and much worse than a no deal and at an unacceptable £cost - unless we are given in return: a spectacular free trade agreement with the EU; we leave the EU on the 29th march, 2019 along with the end of ECJ rule over the UK - to which they will certainly not agree. 

We will be under EU control for as long as there is no resolution to the Irish border question - which the EU and the Irish can drag out in perpetuity; we will not be able to prevent Free Movement of EU citizens (anyone from anywhere in the world - in reality) and our rights will be determined by the ECJ.

The EU controlled government in Ireland (Eire) will only act as they are instructed or through reprisals for perceived grievances - to ensure that no satisfactory resolution to the border "problem" can ever be found - apart from one where the whole of Ireland is in the EU and there is a free flow of migrants from, and funnelled through Eire, into the UK - we have a long history of Irish support for Europe (Germany) in Ireland and in our Parliament though the Labour Party long before the EU was even dreamt up by Jean Monnet.

ECJ - The EU's Enforcer

What is even worse - very much worse - is that the UK will be under ECJ control for 8 years after the 29th March 2019 during a time when the EU is reforming itself in order to maintain its power - which provides the EU with numerous opportunities to enact laws which are totally against British interests, but which we will be bound by even after we leave - this new agreement makes the UK particularly vulnerable to malice from the UK's enemies in the EU who are falling over themselves to get back at the UK for historic, real and perceived, actions for which they want revenge.

There is also a worrying development, reported by lawyers for Britain and included in a letter by Sir Richard Aikens to Mrs May - among other things,  the ECJ  is making rulings which weaken the member states' ability to prevent criminal elements entering their country even on the basis of being a danger to that states' security, specifically:-

"The EU treaties explicitly confer on Member States the right to exclude individuals on the grounds of public security and public policy. Yet the ECJ has persistently and consistently interpreted the treaties so as to restrict and undermine the rights of Member States to protect their public on those grounds. Some commentators have said that the ECJ has transformed EU treaty provisions on the "free movement of persons" into a charter for the "free movement of criminals". "

This is of great concern because the EU is changing the terms and conditions contained within the treaties through its own controlled court system - the ECJ (whose primary responsibility is to uphold the treaties) - without the need for agreement with its Member States.

The EU (ECJ) has demonstrated therefore that it has the potential to amend or repeal (amend to death) any legal clause inside the Articles of the existing treaties to suit its whims and thereby to provide legality for any subsequent actions - modified clauses which would bind its Member States - no matter how onerous or far reaching.

Through its own court system the EU is flexing its Dictatorial control over the populations of its Member States.

The EU is also using the ECJ in its attempt to force open the borders of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, in order to subject their unwilling populations to uncontrolled and unrestricted mass immigration - add to that the actions taken by the ECJ in attempting to prevent EU Member States from protecting their citizens from those who seek to do them harm, and we have a recipe for disaster - most likely designed to clamp down of freedom of expression and bring in restrictions on Civil Rights.

The EU is intent on provoking conflict - demonstrating its power, within its inner borders - and if the same ECJ principles are applied at its outer borders, then there will be no control on the influx of criminals and their ilk, through the EU's outer borders into the Member States - quite deliberately.  

We voted to leave the EU  

We did not vote to half-leave or stay under EU control or some other hybrid system pretending to leave, which are all designed to be of benefit to the EU not the UK - but it appears that our elected Representatives are no better than those in the Heath government in 1972 who took us into this Atheist Bureaucratic nightmare called the EU - which plans to destroy every decent aspect of its Member States and build an Empire upon the idea of "Man" revered as God - a  Communist super state in western Europe.

All of this could have been avoided if we had been given a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which would have been rejected - perhaps the EU's new treaty "The Fundamental Law" (its new constitution) - which is ready and waiting, and which is worse than the Lisbon Treaty (2007), will be rejected and the EU will fall apart or more likely a smaller EU will result.

Our Politicians should note that the desire for freedom transcends political expediency.

Take us out of the control by the EU on the 29th March 2019 - so that we can finally (after 44 years of subjugation) rule ourselves and not have to spend our lives, and those of our children being told what to do by faceless apparatchiks.