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9th June, 2017

What is a Surprise!

When Theresa May issued her Manifesto she threw away her chances of being elected with a large majority, and hence compromised "Brexit", whether that was deliberate, ill-thought-out or just following instructions - we might never know, but the result would be the same in any event (see Mayday, Mayday, Mayday)

When Jeremy Corbyn offered free tuition to students, beginning as early as this Autumn - he set off a gold rush of young voters - attracted to Labour, and encouraged by parents, keen to get in on the un-costed £9,0000 per annum, per student taxpayer funded "freebie", who would have also voted for Labour.

What a Surprise! The combination created a hung Parliament, and a diminished negotiating position with the EU, and a major problem for repealing EU legislation within our Parliament - is there anyone in our government or in our parliament that we can trust now?


The Labour Party did not win the election. Its successes were due to miscalculations / errors by the Conservative Party - their increased voting "surge" by young voters was due to bribing them; either directly or through their parents, not necessarily through popular support - "money for nothing" is always a winning combination - but it still has to be paid for, and it would also include "free tuition" for anyone from the EU.

Those who voted for Corbyn's crew though have not gained "free tuition", they have simply been a useful tool for the Labour Party - to weaken the government, on behalf of the EU, when it needed the most support - thereby amplifying the negative effects of the Tory Manifesto - and it looks like their mischief will continue.

The SNP were "knocked" about badly by the other Parties, and are now a shadow of their former selves. They will still be trying to cause problems for the UK, until they are further diminished - it was significant that Angus Robertson and Alex Salmond lost their seats - I am sure that they will be missed in the House of Commons - by some. Is this the end of the "Independence" for Scotland in the EU? - don't bet on it - Sturgeon's ego will not allow her to think about anything else.

The Liberal Democrats were not able to give traction to the idea of a second Referendum on "Brexit", Tim Farron did not become Prime Minister, but even losing Nick Clegg will not stop their overt support for the interests of the EU over those of the UK; which is a characteristic of all the other Left wing parties.

These political setbacks need to be accepted, and the fight to leave the Political EU must continue; without leaving we cannot solve our debt / deficit problems - too many of our resources are going to service our membership fees and other obligations to the EU, and on repayments of earlier Labour Party created debts - we will continue to lose out until we leave and sort these problems out.