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25th June, 2016

What Irony!​

In response to complaints about the Referendum "Leave " win  

by "Young Remain" vote losers

Thousands of naive young adults, manipulated by older political EU activist "stooges", are clamouring for a Democratic Referendum to be overturned.

This is little more than a concerted subversive attack coordinated by Merkel and facilitated by members of the Fabian Society who set up and control the Parliamentary Labour Party and the London School of Economics plus many other organisations; including the Bilderberg Group who basically set up the EU in the Treaty of Rome (1957)

The excuse for their action being that the older population should not be deciding the future of the younger population.

But they want to stay in the EU which was designed, and is controlled by old men and women who supported former Totalitarian Regimes such as the old Soviet Union.  

These EU old men and women are the ones who will decide and control the future of these very same young adults. 

They should stop lying and trying to find excuses for their desire to help build a Godless Totalitarian EU Police State.

Time for the true nature of the political EU to be exposed, along with the truth about the Fabian Society which also needs to be made more widely known, including its many members infiltrated within the British Establishment.  

​For the truth about the Fabian Society: