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7th June, 2017

What is at Stake Tomorrow

All General Elections are important, but this one is critically important, because, if we cannot leave the jurisdiction of the EU then we cannot determine our own important laws, whatever laws we do enact will still be subordinate to the laws of enacted by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - which is the EU lawmaker, which always sides with the EU, against any opposition.

To leave that ECJ jurisdiction, we must also stop our membership of the Customs Union and the Single Market, (not leave them - just not being members - as works for many other countries) and not agree to be bound to the ECJ through any other arrangeements, including Eurojust, Europol, and not allow EU immigrants in the UK to be subject to the ECJ jurisdiction, whilst they reside in the UK - since that would discriminate against UK citizens.

All EU member states will be forced into the Euro - the EU cannot operate properly otherwise - and it is the reason why it cannot, at the moment, do what it likes without agreement with its members. That is an intolerable situation for the EU and it will be stopped in the near future. At which point all taxation and fiscal rules will be governed by the EU, plus all other aspects of state supervision - under which circumstances every member state will be under direct control, and unable to make any important decisions in their own right - take Greece, as an example.  

So when you want to act in a certain way for the sake of the UK, in terms of social care, welfare, policing, crime, immigration and extremism etc. we will have no power to take such decisions to mitigate any problems - because they will be dictated to us directly from Brussels (Berlin) - based upon what the EU thinks are the priorities for the EU; not for an individual member state.

The only way to escape from this dreadful future is to have a government with experience in governing, and working at an international levels, with a strong majority - to avoid the problems of not being able to make decisions without having to appease various, squabbling, self interest groups within Parliament. Any alternative to such a government would result in a major weakness in our ability to negotiate a good deal with the EU.

This was the main motivation put forward by Theresa May for calling the General Election and that appears to have faltered, if the polls are to be believed, and that seems to relate to a number of own goals in the Tory Manifesto - any such difficulties can be worked through in Parliament, and satisfactorily resolved though - without changing the government.

The real problem is that the alternative is simply a Corbyn led, Marxist (Communist) government, following the Soviet model of economic management and the implementation of every other aspect of the Communist Manifesto - The EU are not far from implementing the very same type of government on their member states. This would represent a major disaster for any type of negotiation with the EU, for the UK, and for freedom in Europe and a step back towards an escalation of integration of the EU member states - including Britain. The Labour Party will simply side with the EU, which, without opposition, will impose a bad deal on the UK - at which stage Labour will begin to borrow from the EU, and that will leave the UK totally vulnerable to EU exploitation.

​I have personally experienced, recently, having to wait three weeks for GP appointments; being treated in a hospital corridor and having to wait 5 months for a referral. I know it is not the fault of the Doctors and Nurses in our NHS, who looked after me with so much care and attention - I am very grateful. Equally, It is not the fault of the Conservative government, who are trying to prevent Britain from being bankrupted - it is the fault of financial mismanagement by the last Labour government, and our membership of the European Union (EU). The mass importation of cheap labour, from and through the EU, is good for business, but bad for the quality of life, and the life chances of ordinary people in the UK.

The Conservatives promised a Referendum on our membership of the EU, and they delivered. The last Labour government promised us a Referendum on the onerous Lisbon Treaty (2007); and then reneged - the current Labour Party would also renege on our leaving the EU, and keep us trapped within it; in perpetuity. Only the Conservatives can deliver for us, against all the odds, an opportunity that gives us hope for a brighter future - but only if they are not tied down by Left wing "baggage" from the Labour Party; which owes its origins to Marxism in the 1900's.

Please think very carefully before you vote for the Labour Party, or any other Politically Left parties on Thursday - doing so will put at risk the future of every man woman and child in Britain - and there will be no turning back - this is a one-off attempt to free the UK from tyranny in the EU.

Vote Conservative