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Some of the consequences of the Lisbon Treaty are listed below and you should be clear on what will happen if we don't leave the EU.

Ask those in the establishment  to confirm or deny the following:-

Do  EU laws take precedence over all our laws in the UK, as stated by Declaration 17 in the Lisbon Treaty?

Can EU troops legally enter the UK or any other country within the EU and take control?

Can citizens of the UK be arrested and taken to any other country in the EU without any prima facie evidence under the European Arrest Warrant and held without trial for months or even years even before an EU prosecutor even decides to investigate the charges?

Is it true that rights and freedoms within the EU only exist if those are not contrary to the interests of the EU, and that we will we lose the "Presumption of Innocence" and "Trial by Jury" under EU Law?

Did the EU establish a Para-Military Force in the UK (EGF) in case of civil unrest in Britain (a force that is only loyal to Brussels) following the signing of the Lisbon Treaty?

With the signing of the European Community Act (1972) and the Lisbon Treaty (2007) did Britain cease to exist as a sovereign country; in effect, are British passports just a pretence that Britain is still a sovereign country?

Will we be forced to join the EURO?

Will we be forced to be part of an EU Armed Force?


That is enough for now - get politicians to explain these (send them emails, tweets etc.) and / or deny that they are true - then do a little specific research (easy these days) to check their answers.  If they have lied then you know where you stand and you might wish to ponder why politicians are selling out their constituents and their country. Feel free to quote this website, if you wish. 

20th February, 2016

What Sovereignty?

We now know when we will be allowed to express our disgust for the previous 44 years of subterfuge since we were taken into the EEC on a false agenda designed to strip away the identity of the Nation States of Europe and replace them with a single Federal State ruled over by an unelected elite in Brussels; backed and controlled by international financial interests. A situation facilitated by UK politicians from the Left and RIght, exacerbated, most notably by New Labour, an English loathing cesspit of self interest, not dissimilar to the SNP in its love of the EU.   The "concessions" which Cameron claims as his own were nothing of the sort, nor could they be anything else but a statement of intent by the rest of the third world, Marxist dominated countries wishing to display their dominance within the EU; this despite the fact that those countries are also the net beneficiaries of our wealth.

Quite rightly Britain is a laughing stock in the EU because never in the field of Treaty negotiations was so much given away to so many by so few.

In terms of assessing our current position in the EU (since our politicians signed the treaties) in terms lack of influence, safety, self-determination, protection of our own interests  or control of our borders, our Police and Public Services, our Armed Forces, in fact, even our economy, we are in the same position as any individual or organisation which has signed legally binding agreements. Whether the population were aware of all the ramifications or not our politicians and Establishment were certainly aware of what was being signed up to all along.

Once signed up there was never any real point in trying to change the rules, that is why the Referendums prior to the treaties were always avoided wherever possible, and why the Lisbon Treaty (2007) carries the EU virus of the terms and conditions of the Constitution for Europe (2004), because that treaty was rejected in 2005 - and therefore never ratified. No country in Europe has ever been given a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and hence any claims of Democracy or legitimacy of the EU are moot. 

If you had been sold a used car and you signed an acceptance document for its condition (without really knowing about its hidden faults), where would that leave you legally? - the EU treaties are no different, except that our politicians knew full well what the problems would be for the populations of Europe. They simply looked to their own interests first, and went ahead and signed us up anyway. Cameron is simply compounding the problem by doing his best to stop us getting rid of the faulty used car that is the EU, by pretending that it only needs a service, whilst trying to hide the smoke coming out of the engine compartment and standing in front of a front wheel that is about to come off.  

The date for our deliverance is the 23rd of June, 2016, although it will take time to achieve full escape velocity, which will require keeping the Left in a minority in Parliament and repealing the European Communities Act (1972) - don't waste this opportunity to leave the EU because it will be our last ever chance to escape the yoke of the EU. 

The reason that Cameron's attempts at reform were pointless is that New Labour signed us up to the Lisbon Treaty (2007) (without holding a promised  Referendum), ratification of that treaty made the EU a separate legal entity, superior to its member states. But the Lisbon Treaty (2007) is also more important since it was the only EEC, EC or EU treaty which contained a get out clause - Article 50 - which was only included because of a perceived gap in EU treaties "The application of international law to fill in alleged gaps in the EU Treaties has been often seen as flawed, due to the specific character of the EU as a supranational organisation that drew from international law for its own creation but then established an autonomous legal order with its own rules." for more about withdrawal from the EU under Article 50 (TEU), see February 2016 Briefing

For a legal opinion on Cameron's "deal" with the EU please visit:

In light of Britain's Referendum, and the potential for other member states to use the same clause it is very likely that whenever any new treaty amendments take place that Article 50 will be removed.

With a Referendum date now settled it is vital that the right questions are put to the politicians and not allow the scaremongers, big business and the Establishment, who have already entered into Faustian Pacts with the EU to divert from the most important questions. Those questions about how the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - Declaration 17 and Articles change our country from a sovereign nation into a Province of  a Totalitarian Dictatorship with the Laws of a Police State.

A short list is provided below but feel free to send the list and others that you may have to your MP, to BBC Question Time, to Cameron, Corbyn,  Fallon, Sturgeon, Woods and Bennett et al., to other BBC and other news outlets, to other politicians in Europe or legal experts, local councils  as well as to anyone concerned or confused as to whether or not they should vote to get out - force them to tell you the truth about the EU.​ Whatever answers you do get may be to the last questions you are ever allowed to ask about the EU so make the most of the opportunity to bring the truth out from behind the spin. For more see EU_Myths and EU_Myths 2