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6th December 2018

What the EU wants

There is no point is following what is happening in the UK Parliament if you want to discover the sequence of events that will evolve from the Parliamentary circus that is the Commons (and then the Lords) - it is all choreographed from the various meetings that have taken place between the EU collaborators in the UK (past and present) and those who have had clandestine meetings with EU negotiators in Brussels and of course with Merkel  in Berlin and elsewhere.

Let's face it - we have been led a "merry dance" since the EU Referendum in 2016 - and it continues today.

The EU Wish List

The EU wants the populations of Europe to believe that it is a benign "Uncle Jean-Claude" or "Mutti" Merkel kind of organisation that has their best interests at heart - and of course it is nothing of the sort - its members have the same desire for militarisation of the EU as the countries involved in WWI and WWII - but have been restrained until now, at least in public. The EU - Merkel and Macron - but also many of the rest - want to build a Militarised Totalitarian EU Superstate on the backs of the civilian (research) and military assets of the Member States - the blueprint is the LIsbon Treaty (2007) - see Article 42.3 TEU.

Theresa May has already signed Britain up to that plot - which is designed to sideline NATO (which has kept peace in Europe since the 1950's) - HS2 is part of the railway network throughout Europe originally designed to transport troops and equipment to the furthest reaches of the "EU Empire" - being implemented, along with infrastructure throughout the EU to strengthen bridges, build and repair roads and other transport related Member State assets - it is not being done to make the place look pretty or to better the lives of the locals.  

The EU referendum of June 23rd 2016 was a body blow to the EU - even without much analysis it very badly dented the EU's credibility in the wider world. They cannot understand why so many British people want to leave the EU?  After all, they are not like the effervescent French or the emotional Italians (in the nicest possible sense) - the British are cool, calm and collected - not prone to irrational behaviour (from the EU's perspective.

Following the migration crisis of 2015 (Migration Crisis II is currently being coordinated by the UN) and the EU Referendum in 2016, the EU is desperate to restore its former standing in the eyes of the world and, more importantly,  in the eyes of the rest of Europe.  A 2nd Referendum is the EU's preferred method and this is where the UK Parliamentary charade is leading. This would would require an extension to Article 50 "exit date" - and also prevent a WTO exit on the 29th March 2019.

The plot for a new EU Referendum in the UK is also supplemented by EU funded "rent - a - crowd" demonstrations and Media exaggerations of the numbers involved - with a propaganda budget (our money) necessary to bring it about. But most of their plan relies on the acquiescence of it collaborators in our society and within our political system.   Not forgetting support from some very odd low-brow celebrities, international politicians and other vested interests.

So what does the EU want?:

  • Primarily it wants the UK population to change its mind by any means - preferably through a Referendum - which it can finance (€ 9.8 million was spent on the Irish Referendum) and manipulate- the EU is desperate to restore its credibility and to be able to project itself as a champion of Europe and world peace - so it can continue with its plans to take over its Member States unabated. It clearly does not want to be continually fighting "Populism" in Europe -  aka democratic objections to its plans.

  • The EU wants our money - fees and taxes (VAT and tariffs) - to finance its ongoing expenses to support its extravagant lifestyle; and to facilitate further expansion into the former Soviet satellite states, Middle East and North Africa.

  • A mobile population of workers that it can move around the EU (Free Movement of Labour) at the beckon call of its Multinational clients and provide a cheap labour force to compete with China and India;who can provide taxes whilst they subsist on poverty wages.

  • Civilian and Military assets of the Member States; a specialised population who can be directed to the enhancement of the EU's war machine through military research and development.

  • Continent wide Police and Justice system with its own Public Prosecutor and Paramilitary forces (a Police State)

  • A centrally controlled economy and taxation system under the Euro.

  • The end to European Nation states with their sovereign powers and international associations transferred to Brussels.

  • Total control of the European population through EU wide political parties; coercion and ever more strict and wider ranging laws - under the supervision of the ECJ.

  • A European Empire - with all the "trimmings" culminating in Military Parades and EU Games; just like a proper EUSSR!

The British people will never have a vote on what the EU really wants its Member States to give to Brussels - our only chance was a vote on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which was prevented by the Labour Party under Gordon Brown.

The Final Outcome

The most likely outcome seems to be - as designed - a 2nd EU Referendum with the "Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill" voted down - but it is by no means certain that it will not be voted through by our overly EUphile politicians.

Either a 2nd Referendum or a rejection of Mrs May's plans would almost certainly involve stopping or delaying Article 50 while other alternatives appear to represent simply delays in producing a firm decision.

Meanwhile the UK would keep on paying and being sucked deeper and deeper into the EU - particularly with Mrs May or other Remain backing leader as Prime Minister.  To be honest the entire political and legal systems needs to be revamped; the Civil Service overhauled and EUphiles voted out - otherwise the UK is lost.

If May's "deal" gets through Parliament it will a disaster for the UK and its people - the "tip of the "deal" iceberg" was summarised by Tim Loughton in Parliament yesterday:

  • “It is like buying a house that you have only seen from the outside. You hand over the full asking price at the outset, upfront. You sign all the legal transaction documents without even agreeing on the fixtures, fittings and completion date, or indeed knowing whether the immigration status of your family allows you to live there. Only after that do you commission a survey, the results of which you do not share with your family despite eventually finding out that the neighbours have an unlimited right of way across your garden and unfettered access to your garden pond - and you have no indication of when you will be able to move in. Who in their right mind would agree to such a deal on buying a house, let alone on such an important issue as the future constitutional basis of our whole country?” 

Surely, May's "deal" can only ever have been a hoax - a fearmongering device to drive the population towards a 2nd EU Referendum or Remain (which cannot be an option)

If May's deal is defeated then our best option is WTO - not Canada +++, not Norway and not a 2nd EU Referendum