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15th June, 2017

Will the Real Labour Party Please Stand-up?

The emboldened Mr Corbyn has been putting together his new cabinet, and "lo and behold" his old adversary Owen Smith has been appointed, as one of his Shadow Ministers. Smith opposed Corbyn, as a representative of the Blairite "Centrist" part of the Labour Party, (basically the ghost of New Labour) against the hard Left Corbyn - on a pro-EU ticket (although, uncontrolled mass immigration from the EU (and anywhere else) was a common theme for both of them).

Amazing when you think about it - Corbyn was sidelined by the PLP (New Labour) who feared that the Labour Party would be exposed, as a far left Socialist (Communist) leaning political party, which Blair and his backers had so carefully tried to hide from the public - even going as far as to revoke Clause IV (Nationalisation) from the Labour Constitution - in an attempt to make the Labour party less frightening to the general public, and pretend to be pro-Britain.

Blair was the "Salesman" who kept up the public relations exercise that maintained, enough of an illusion that New Labour was good for the UK, that they kept being re-elected, even after the Iraq War: meanwhile the real work of the true Labour Party was being conducted in the background: by Gordon Brown and Blair - whose primary objectives were to completely entrap the UK in the EU - and open up unrestricted exploitation by the EU - through encouraging the widespread application of the four "Freedoms" of the Treaty of Rome (1957). The ultimate betrayal of the UK by the Labour Party was the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - for which they should be in jail for Treason.

Unfortunately, what New Labour had begun was continued by the Cameron - Clegg  coalition, and then, by the Cameron government - until the EU Referendum, after which the UK - EU project stalled, at least on the surface, and Theresa May was appointed as caretaker leader of the Conservative Party - voted in by pro-EU Conservative MP's in the EUphile House of Commons - and so far she has managed to "bat" the actual leaving part to one side - but not yet into the long grass.

Following an alleged attempt at gaining a larger majority, May failed to secure a clear majority - failing by a mere 401 votes, with the Labour Party trailing by some 52,000 votes and 62 seats. This was in spite of, probably, the worst General Election campaign in History by the Conservatives - even so, the Labour Party and the rest of the political Left in the UK, failed to make any real impact, even though Corbyn had mobilised the young (and their parents) with uncosted promises free tuition, and claimed that the Labour Party would leave the EU Single Market and Customs Union.

Previous Labour losses in General Elections had resulted in Labour resignations - even after securing more seats than Corbyn managed to obtained in this General Election - but Corbyn has shown, succinctly, Labour's undemocratic credentials,  opportunism and hubris. This is also now being exhibited by McDonnell, who is advocating street protests, with the help of the Unions who are funding the Labour Party, to bring down the political party which clearly won the General Election - with a vote share greater than that secured by Blair with New Labour.

McDonnell is behaving like a little Bolshevik, but his party does not have a majority - if this is the true face, of the latest manifestation, of the Labour party then we should be very afraid for our future freedom and prosperity, if the Labour Party, in any disguise, ever gains power in Britain again.

So far Owen Smith is the only well known Blairite to be included in Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet - the rest of the PLP are unlikely to want to join at this stage - that would really expose the Labour Party to all kinds of questioning about its true objectives (at best) - so our betting is that, should Corbyn get into power, at any stage, by whatever means - then members of the PLP will be more likely join his Cabinet - but that would potentially endanger the future of the Labour Party.

In the meantime "Will the Real Labour Party Please Stand-up"?

Well actually it looks like they have - and it seems to be represented by McDonnell, attempting to bring about Anarchy in the UK, and it does not matter which "Frontman" is elected.

One question - would May bring in the EU Paramilitary forces to quell any riots in the UK - as a ruse to keep us under EU control?