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13th March 2019

WTO Vote - Real Traitors Exposed

It is worth remembering that the draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration Treaty; ~ 80% of which was given to May by Merkel in Berlin in July 2017 in the form of the Chequers Deal - was  "railroaded" through May's reluctant Cabinet - who had been kept in the dark about its contents. Following that fateful event David Davis and Boris Johnson (in that order) resigned.

Not only was the document to be taken at face value it was not allowed any scrutiny - since Merkel had agreed it and nothing could be changed - so much for transparency and collective responsibility - this was when May lost all her credibility; since it was then clear that she was operating under EU control. 

That "Chequers Deal" was subsequently converted into a new Treaty by Brussels which added a few extras - including the now notorious "Backstop" - which really is "BS". Merkel's edict and May' behaviour at Chequers persists within Parliament today (but the politicians cannot be locked in until they agree to the Treaty - except through intimidation, guile or collusion) with the "Meaningless Votes" (billed as "Meaningful Votes") because although the new Treaty can be read, scrutinised and debated - it cannot be changed in any way.

Regarding the Irish "BS" the French have worked out a solution to removing hard borders between EU and non-EU countries and they plan to have the electronic system deployed on the 29th March 2019 - a direct insult to the British population - whom they seem to think would have, by then, accepted WA&PD - including the Irish "BS"  - and even without any end date for the treaty.  see "French Unveils Technological 'Smart Border' solution"  (

The WTO Vote Tonight

Tonight will be a defining moment in British History because if the UK Parliament votes to prevent the UK from using its defaultposition and reverting to WTO rules  (Most Favoured Nation status) to unilaterally walk away from the unacceptable Article 50 negotiations - brought about by EU intransigence and British establishment collusion.

The EU has steadfastly refused to provide a satisfactory, unilateral means of escape from the WA&PD Treaty - contrary to normal practice in International Law; even though the technology to negate the Irish "BS" already exists.

The wording on the Government's motion before the Commons is:-

“That this House declines to approve leaving the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement and a Framework for the Future Relationship on 29 March 2019; and notes that leaving without a deal remains the default in UK and EU law unless this House and the EU ratify an agreement.”

Which is just designed to force ratification of Merkel's Treaty.

Of course, there is a bigger picture than the above simple explanation, which involves the EU's preference for Referendums - the Dictators' favourite (Hitler and Napoleon) - because they can be easily manipulated - that is for tomorrows vote - which is billed as a vote on "Extending Article 50" (with a subtext of to get a 2nd Referendum) - and where all these shenanigans have been leading.

Who are the Real Traitors?

In a representative democracy the real traitors are those who seek to thwart the 23rd June 2016 Referendum result by refusing to act in the interests of the UK and work towards a satisfactory trading relationship with the EU - that is not totally one-sided - in favour of the EU.

The UK has been deliberately offered a new downgraded treaty - which is little more than a "Capitulation and Punishment Treaty" - simply because the British people followed the Referendum rules and voted to Leave the EU - but that really suits neither the EU nor the British Establishment. The EU could have easily put together trading terms acceptable to both sides - particularly since the UK has been in the EU for 46 years and is fully compliant in all respects of EU as  Member State - and which respected the wishes of those who voted to Leave in June 2016.

The problem is that the EU is not just a trading relationship - it has much bigger ambitions - which do not include the presence of Sovereign Member States - except in the form of Regions of the EU - administered and controlled by a single government in Brussels (Berlin)- that is the EU's political dimension which the majority in the UK reject.

For many in the Parliament - the Politicians, Lords, Judiciary and Civil Servants - see their future, not as members of a local Westminster Council Chamber in an EU backwater; but part of a bigger organisation where they would not be brought to book for misuse of their lavish expenses and numerous misdeeds - to where they would be immune from prosecution under EU's new legal system Corpus Juris  (just like the EU Commissioners - or even better; have Diplomatic immunity like the Europol personnel) and on bigger salaries and Pensions - part of a bigger gang exploiting the taxpayers.

We already know who many of them are - they have shown their true colours when they have voted for anti-Brexit amendments and appear in the Media to decry and abuse those who voted to Leave the jurisdiction of the EU - of which we want no part.

We know that in the Lords and the Commons there are large majorities with vested interests in the EU - whether it is as landowners or EU Lords Pensioners (who do not have to declare their EU pension) or others who receive direct benefit from the EU.

We also know that Cameron and Blair each ennobled large numbers of Lords to act as a rear guard action against any attempt by the UK population to leave the EU - by frustrating any attempts - we also know that in the Commons there is a large majority just waiting to prevent any attempt at escape from EU control.

Tonight we will find out who votes to take away the UK's only real bargaining "chip" in any negotiations with the EU - and who is prepared to drag the UK naked and defenceless into the hands of her enemies in the EU - in order to force Parliament to accept the EU's trap - the Withdrawal Agreement & Political Declaration.

Update: For an alternative to voting for  removing WTO - which is not, in any case, enforceable - Parliament should follow the advice of David Campbell Bannerman MEP - MP's should invoke GATT Article 24:

Update: Parliament hands total power to the EU

We now see the truth laid bare - to the faces of the public our elected representatives, as a group in Parliament, agreed to the EU Referendum; claimed that they accepted the result of that Referendum and agreed to act upon the result - but behind their backs they have voted to ensure that the Referendum result it is overturned.

Two important votes took place tonight - the first was an amendment by Caroline Spelman which sought to strengthen the original government motion by extending the motion to include "never leaving the EU without a Deal"; rather than just not leaving without a deal with the  EU on one particular date - the 29th March 2019. 

The amendment was passed 312 to 308 a majority of 4 and the amended government motion was passed  321 to 278 a majority of 43  - and even Theresa May voted against her own (albeit amended) motion.

What came up often in the various speeches was also significant - the term the "will of Parliament" - clearly this vote was the UK Parliament pitting itself directly against the "will of the people" - a very foolish move - that simply shows the arrogance of the so called "ruling class" - who are without any "class" at all; or any respect for the people of the UK; from whom they derive their power, privileges, salaries and expenses.

What Parliament has done is to completely take away any negotiating power that the British government had - and that was very little to begin with because the EU knew that they could rely on their "place-men and women" in the UK House of Commons and Lords to undermine any attempt to leave the EU. see Collaborators Parliament

List of those who voted in the motion to prevent the UK using the WTO option: